Heat Exchanger “DANKO-1000”


Heat exchanger embraces a wide application spectrum: detached houses, social welfare institutions (schools, hospitals, kindergardens, etc.), administrative and public-service buildings and facilities. This device is intended for extracting low-temperature heat from waste water. It is installed into building heating unit system and is applied for water heating in building utility infrastructure system, not only directly but also through heat pump equipment, increasing its efficiency. 
Heat exchanger was designed as a unit applied in pulling heat from waste water. Reservoir capacity varies from 600 to 1000 liters. Heat-transfer process is as following: clean waste water is poured into the reservoir from which residual heat is transferred to any heat carrying medium. Water could be heated up to 7-15º in the heat exchanger.
The advantage of the heat exchanger “DANKO-1000”extracting low-temperature heat from waste water is connected with not only significant energy consumption decrease, but also  its eco-friendly factor. Using this heat exchanger improves the autonomous house and facilities. 
Heat exchanger is resistant to heating, transportation, pressure jump and aggressive environment. Its major factor is high heat efficiency. я тепловая эффективность.
“DANKO-1000” is certified and applicable; has all necessary technical specifications, as well as developed design documentation.